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E R & F Turner 600 Flaking Mill

A High-Capacity Flaking Mill Designed for Fully Automated Production in Larger Plants

Typical Breakfast Cereal Applications:

Cornflakes, Wheat Flakes, Multigrain Flakes, Oat Flakes, Rice Krispies, Mueslies

Typical Animal Feed Applications:

Steam flaked, micronized and extruded grains, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Beans, Peas, Soya


  • Heavy Duty Construction - The chassis design comprises a combination of heavy fabrications supporting a cast iron structure that retains the stability and accuracy of the roll gap and imposed pressure. This structure absorbs the high pressures and shock loads to give a long and trouble-free life.
  • High Capacity Rates - The high pressure exerted during the flaking process, combined with the chassis rigidity enables the production of very fine flakes, if required, at a high capacity rate.
  • Chilled Iron Rolls - Our rolls are manufactured from the highest quality spun cast chilled iron, allowing for a long life and considerable number of regrinds. Two roll options are available:

- Standard - a water-cooled roll

- Super-cooled - a roll with much enhanced cooling capability, leading to improved capacity and operational stability

  • The Roll Drive is independently driven by two 37 kW electric motors, via HTD belts and shaft mounted gear boxes. It also provides a choice of roll speeds and differentials.
  • Mill Control - Roll nip pressure is maintained by hydraulic rams, which allow the rolls to be brought together to the "working" position, or moved apart to the "open" position. The hydraulic cylinders work in conjunction with sensors that continuously monitor the distance between the bearing housings.  Use of our bespoke software enables the roll gap to be dynamically controlled ensuring a constant and even roll gap across the full roll width.  A pressure relief valve within the hydraulic circuit enables the rolls to move apart if a foreign object were to pass through the rolls. This feature therefore minimises any damage to the roll surface or machine.
  • Control of the Roll Gap - individual fine adjustment mechanisms control the roll gap from their positions at each side of the mill.
  • Scraper Blades - adjustable, pneumatically-operated scrapers keep the rolls clean and can be oscillated if required. Quick-change, disposable blades are used to minimise down time.
  • Feeding the Flaking Mill - If required, a choice of feeders is available. This includes a variable-speed roll feeder with an adjustable gate, or alternatively a variable-frequency vibratory feeder with an adjustable gate
  • Feed Sensor Roll Protection - This feature detects any lack of product flow and moves the rolls apart to reduce roll damage and wear
  • Roll Surface Temperature Monitoring - An optional extra to aid operational control



As with all our flaking mills, the machine can be adapted to suit animal feed applications.  The same high quality, robust design is simplified but some of the optional extras, important for the production of breakfast cereals, but not as vital in animal feed production, would be omitted. 

  • Water-cooled rolls would be replaced with a non water-cooled variation.
  • Feed sensors and roll surface temperature monitoring are removed.
  • The hi-tech software-based roll gap control system is removed and replaced with a simple manually controlled hydraulic circuit.
  • Higher roll speeds are available to allow for increased capacity.

ROLL DIMENSIONS: 600 x 1000 / 600 x 1250
WEIGHT: 9000 kg / 10,500 kg

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