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E R & F Turner 460 Flaking Mill

An Entry Level, Cost-Effective Flaking Mill Designed with Manual Control for use on Smaller Plants Producing Flaked Products

Typical Breakfast Cereal Applications:

Wheat Flakes, Oat Flakes, Rice Krispies, Mueslies, Flakes for Breads

Typical Animal Feed Applications:

Steam flaked, micronized and extruded grains, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Beans, Peas, Soya



  • Heavy Duty Construction - The design comprises a heavy duty cast iron chassis that retains the stability and accuracy of the roll gap and imposed pressure. The castings absorb the high pressures and shock loads to give a long and trouble-free life.
  • Good Capacity Rates - The pressure exerted during the flaking process not only provides the mill with the potential for good capacity rates, but also enables the production of very fine flakes if required.
  • Chilled Iron Rolls - Our rolls are manufactured from the highest quality spun cast chilled iron, allowing for a long life and considerable number of regrinds.
  • The Roll Drive is driven by a single electric motor, using a heavy-duty inter-roll belt to provide a choice of roll speeds and differentials.
  • Mill Control - For improved control of the mill, roll pressure is applied by substantial disc springs, while a hand-wheel provides fine parallel roll gap adjustment. This therefore minimises any damage to the roll surface or machine.
  • Scraper Blades - Manually adjustable scrapers keep the rolls clean for efficient operation.
  • Feeding the Flaking Mill - If required, a choice of feeders is available. This includes a variable-speed roll feeder with an adjustable gate, or alternatively a variable-frequency vibratory feeder.


As with all our flaking mills, the machine can be adapted to suit animal feed applications.  The 460 model flaking mill is especially suited to animal feed.  The same high quality, robust design is simplified but some of the additional features, important for the production of breakfast cereals, but not as vital in animal feed production, would be omitted.

ROLL DIMENSIONS: 460 x 610 / 460 x 760 / 460 x 915
POWER: 18.5 kW / 22 kW / 30 kW / 37.5 kW
WEIGHT: 3500 kg / 3850 kg / 4200 kg

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