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Christy & Norris 8" Laboratory & Soil Mill

A robust and reliable Lab Mill which is ideal for reducing small quantities for laboratory analysis


Any material suitable for size reduction, typically used for testing or analysis





An easy-to-use laboratory mill for very small scale production



  • The mill, complete with motor and starter, is supplied on a common bedplate
  • Voltage options: Single Phase (240V / 50Hz supplied with three pin plug), Three Phase (415V / 50Hz or 220V / 60Hz requires wiring on site)
  • Grinding chamber manufactured from cast iron
  • A 1.5kW electric motor drives a beater cross at 8,000 rpm, above a curved replaceable screen held between two metal frames
  • The grinding chamber is mounted above the motor and the shaft is driven via a short, toothed belt
  • A four arm revolving beater cross shatters or tears any material which enters the 40 x 40mm throat from the small hand-fed tray supplied
  • The beater cross is manufactured from high grade, heat treated steel alloy and is designed to be reversed when leading edges become worn
  • Each Mill is supplied with a set of eight perforated plates screens, offering a range of hole diameters from 0.5 to 3.0mm
  • Easy cleaning is facilitated by a hinged front panel complete with motor interlock
  • Robust and reliable design
  • The mill is supplied with a detachable bag collection system clipped to the underside of the mill, serving the dual purpose of collector and air filter

laboratory mill drawing

Soil Mill Version

The Christy & Norris Soil mill is a specialist adaptation of the Lab Mill for de-lumping and grading dried soil samples.  

  • Speed Adaption - The speed of rotation is greatly reduced to avoid breaking up stones within the soil sample
  • Easy Collection - After passing through the Soil Mill the produce is collected in a small metal tray in place of the Lab Mill’s detachable bag
  • No Cross Contamination - The grinding chamber and beaters are lined with a hard-wearing ceramic coating to prevent any metal contamination entering into the sample
  • Tapered Inlet – A convenient tapered inlet chute is shaped to aid feeding soil



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