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Christy & Norris Overhung Disintegrator

A Fixed Beater Mill Used for Fine-Grinding of Spices, Roots, and Colour Pigments


Size Reduction of Aniseed, Casein, Charcoal, Chicory, Cinnamon, Colour Pigments, Derris Root, Ginger, Gum Karava, Gum Tragacanth, Liquorice Root, Manioc Root, Nutmegs, Pepper, Cayenne, Quinine Bark, Resin, Senna Leaves, Shellac, Tapioca Root, Tobacco, Turmeric, Valonis (dried)




  • Overhung Disintegrators are usually intended for dry grinding, but are also suitable under controlled conditions for certain applications involving wet material
  • Our Overhung Disintegrators are available in two models, with drives from 4 kW to 7.5 kW



  • Simple Design and Sturdy Construction - the disintegrator is much simpler than many of our other machines, with the beater assembly being the only revolving part. The beater chamber itself is cast iron.  In the case of the Overhung Disintegrator, a simple yet carefully considered design equates to efficiency and strength in operation
  • High Speed Beater Cross - this machine's grinding process is initiated by the beater cross, which has four arms made of high-grade steel alloy, and is heat treated for maximum hardness and strength. Depending on the model selected, this beater can revolve at between 4000 and 6000 rpm - the hammer blow shatters the chosen material, before forcing it through a screen to determine particle size
  • Interchangeable Screens form the lower half of the grinding chamber, and are used to determine the particle size of the finished product. The screens themselves are manufactured in either perforated steel plate or as a cast iron frame with steel cross bars, and are quick and easy to change and clean
  • All Christy Turner disintegrators are available with a sacking-off cylinder for the collection of the final product. Alternatively the disintegrators can be arranged to discharge into a pedestal stand and be mounted over an under hopper
  • Specialised Feeding Methods - When only small quantities are being ground, a hand feed tray is usually most convenient to feed material into the disintegrator. For large quantities, feeding from an overhead bin via an electric vibratory feeder is recommended
  • Optional Water Cooling of the grinding chamber available with Model 18


Beater Cross Speed

Power Requirement


6000 rpm

4.1 kW

5.5 hp


4000 rpm

7.5 kW

10 hp

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Machine capacities will depend upon the size and condition of material fed into it and the required output. Please contact us with your material and project requirements for expert advice on machine selection.


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