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Miracle 300 and 100 Series Hammer Mills

300 Series - A Heavy Duty, Mono Rotation Hammer Mill


Agriculture – Straw, Feed, Grain, Cake, Cotton Seeds, Dried Peelings, Chaff, Barley, Maize, Beans, Wheat, Peat, Guano, Roots, Meat & Bone, Vegetables, Pellets, Oats
Food – Sugar, Spices, Peppers, Soya Beans, Salt, Cereals, Rice, Nutmeg, Ground Nut Cake, Dried Seaweed, Malt
Timber – Wood Shavings, Wood Chip, Offcuts, Wood Flour, Particle Board, Charcoal, Palm Kernel, Chipboard
Other – Brake Linings, Minerals, Oil Seed, Brewing, Linoleum, Animal Bedding




  • The Miracle Mill 300 Series is a range of Heavy Duty mills with a hardened top section especially suited to particle size reduction of abrasive materials.


  • Heavy Duty Construction - Simple and rugged, this mill is of a modular heavy-duty construction, with a cast iron base section and an upper body fabricated in hardened steel
  • Grinding Flexibility - Rotor speeds and screen sizes may be changed to suit the reductions required
  • Wear-Resistant - Equipped with self-aligning, high-speed bearings, special wear-resistant hardened steel top section and grinding plates and specially profiled and hardened steel alloy hammers that are reversible and double-ended, providing four lives
  • Quick-Release - The hammers swing freely on hammer bars, which are locked in place through the steel discs of the rotor by convenient quick release pins
  • Fully Sealed - The hood section is completely sealed to the base by rubber strips, along with brush seals on the shafts, providing a dust sealed grinding chamber
  • Hinge Versatility - The hood is on hinges and is restrained for convenience and safety by gas springs which can be reversed to the opposite hand to suit the site
  • Mounted – The Mill and drive are mounted on a base plate that allows the reduced material to fall into a sealed under hopper that has suction air connected to ensure that the Mill is working under a negative pressure
  • Choice of discharge – the bedplate can be configured for gravity or independent suction discharge
  • Easy to Fit - A hemispherical steel screen defines the lower profile of the grinding chamber and can be easily fitted into place by sliding it into a hemispherical location groove. This is automatically locked in place by simply closing the hood
  • Safety Measure – An easy to clean magnet is permanently fitted into the feed chute, preventing stray steel from entering the grinding chamber and potentially causing sparks to fly

miracle 300 table

 Machine capacities will depend upon the size and condition of material fed into it and the required output. Please contact us with your material and project requirements for expert advice on machine selection.

Miracle 100 Series - A Self-Contained Unit

The Miracle Mill 100 Series Hammer Mill is a smaller, yet still versatile machine designed for light grinding and pulverizing applications.

Similar to the 300 Series, the 100 Series is typically used for smaller batches of a variety of materials, or continuous production and development plant or laboratory use.


  • Grinding Flexibility - The rotor speeds and screen sizes may be changed to suit the reductions you require
  • High Quality - This machine is built of a simple yet rugged construction in either Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with hardened steel alloy hammers
  • Compact Unit Design - You choose whether your Mill is supplied as either a gravity or a suction version with a remote system fan


miracle 100 table


Miracle 100 Series No 3 Typical Power Requirements – 7.5 kW.

As with the larger machine, capacities will depend upon the size of materials fed into the Mill and the required output.

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