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If you take the picturesque train journey, along the River Stour from Manningtree to Harwich, you will stop at Mistley. The repurposed 18th century mills and trade buildings still suggest a once bustling port and trade centre, and amongst them the English Diastic Malt Extract Company has stood since 1881: a mouthful that was eventually shortened to EDME Ltd in 1897. 

In the first of our series of strategic alliances, we travel across the Irish sea to the small community of Goresbridge in County Kilkenny.

Since 1908, when William Connelly had the bright idea of painting the mill of the roof red to stand out from the competition, Connolly’s Red Mills have been producing initially for the local farming community, but by 1954 the third generation of the Connolly family, Liam Connolly, led Connolly’s Red Mills into a new era of product technology and innovation. That’s where we came in: Christy Turner supplied the original ‘Turner Rolls’ and prior to that, as early as the 1930’s we supplied a set of cold drop forged rolls.

Our new steam conditioner is designed for performance & hygiene requirements of modern production. Fully insulated to maximise heat retention using a fully welded stainless steel construction with zoned conditioning. Full interlock safety fitted a standard with a simple hygienic design to minimise product traps which maximises cleanability.

A familiar face with a wealth of experience: Christy Turner’s Ian Butcher was recently promoted from our existing management team to head up our entirely UK manufacturing operation and oversee worldwide operations.

We have officially launched our new website. We hope you find it to be a much more pleasant experience to use than the previous.

Manufacturing a range of mills for the food, feed, recycling and particle reduction industries from its base in Ipswich.

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