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Based in Kilkenny countryside Connolly’s RED MILLS high performance feeds have been producing agri, equine and pet food for almost 110 years; and is the preferred choice for leading horse trainers and owners in over 54 countries around the world.To produce such a premium product, the company needs to be confident of the machinery it uses, which is why Connolly’s RED MILLS has been using Christy Turner’s mills since the 1930’s.

Joe Connolly, CEO of Connolly’s RED MILLS, the fifth generation of the Connolly family to be involved in the company, comments: “Reliability is key for us. We have two 550 E R & F Turner mills in use 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and which enable us to mill the feeds for our worldwide brand.

“Our Turner flaking mills give us 100% reliability and have definitely been built to last. We never get any trouble with the bearings and apart from general servicing the machines just keep on milling. Belts never fail and when it comes time to replace the rolls or the feed unit, you can see it is visibly concaved so there is never any question as to what needs to be done.
“The variable speed roller also ensures we can produce grain flakes to our exacting measurements, similar to Corn Flakes, which in turn, enables us to produce feed that provides a complete balanced diet, perfectly tailored by our expert nutritionists, to deliver a horse's full dietary requirements.”
Fully computer operated, the flaking mills require little supervision and as Joe continued: “We manually check the flaking plant at least once an hour to ensure everything is going as it should be. I would describe the Christy Turner mills similar to buying a car. If you are happy with the one you have you just replace it with the new model.
“We are the only producer of feed in Europe to have fed so many global champion equestrian winners, including the five European winners of the Melbourne Cup in Australia. Our reputation rests solely on the quality of our feed and as such is intrinsically linked with the quality of equipment used to produce our formulations, thanks to our Christy Turner Mills.”
Commenting on the partnership, Chris Jones, Christy Turner’s managing director adds: “The mills used by Connolly’s today were built back in the early 1990s, and demonstrate perfectly the reliability and durability our clients have come to expect. Built to the same proven chassis and roll mounting arrangement as we use in our breakfast cereal mills, our animal feed mills are able to continuously maintain a precise roll gap across the full width of the mills. It is this confidence in its plant that enables Connolly’s RED MILLS to run its 24 hour, six days a week production operation.”



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