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Mining Strength Materials Increasing Service Life

Mining Strength Materials Increasing Service Life of Christy & Norris Hammers by up to 30%. News of the latest development from Christy Turner was featured in Global Milling Advances recently.

November 2015

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A consolidation of highly respected British brands E R & F Turner, Christy & Norris and Miracle Mills, Christy Turner Ltd is renowned for quality British engineering and innovation in the milling industry.

Building upon manufacturing skills and expertise since E R & F Turner started production in 1837, while making the most of modern technological advances, Christy Turner continue to produce machines of choice for manufacturers around the globe.

Over 90% of the machines used by UK cereal giant Weetabix at Burton Latimer & Corby sites are Christy Turner's E R & F Turner Flaking Mills - many offering up decades of service - validating the company's 'Built to Last' reputation.

The company's hammer mill brands have an equally rich heritage, built on over a century and a half of engineering expertise and innovation.

Managing Director Chris Jones said: " As OEM supplier for Christy & Norris & Miracle Mill hammer mills, grinders & pulverizers, we are constantly working to improve the machinery we supply and the wear parts that go with them across all our machines.

"In recent months we have been particularly focused on improving the wear characteristics of our hammers, sometimes referred to as 'beaters', by introducing new materials & profiles. By reviewing new materials & grades proven in the mining industry we are able to offer the best combination of wear resistance and impact strength."

Working in partnership with internationally recognised wear-part experts SSAB, manufacturers of Hardox wear plate, Christy Turner have created a line of superior quality hammers with market-leading longevity.

Chris explained: "Hardox has a combination of hardness, impact toughness & yield strength that make it an ideal material for heavy duty hammer mills. The result is even some of our previous wear-optimised hammers can have service life increased by around 30%."

While Hardox hammers are now available across the range of Christy & Norris and Miracle Mills machines and replacement parts, Christy Turner continue to work alongside SSAB's Tech Support and Wear Technology Group, drawing upon a huge amount of data and wear plate expertise.

Speaking about the cooperative project, Technical Development Manager at SSAB, Aaron Middleton, said:”Life-cycle cost, given by the material cost divided by the service life, has become such an important aspect of material selection for material handling industries, it has driven us to continuously develop harder and tougher Hardox grades that can offer better economy for the end-user. Ranging from a worn sock to 4% of a nation’s GDP, the cost of wear on a country-scale is extensive and cooperative projects such as this ensure we are using a higher performing material with an improved life-cycle cost”.

Chris added: "As part of our continuous development work we want to make sure if new grades become available, which provide even further optimisation, that we are at the cutting edge and can quickly deliver these benefits to our customers. To determine the optimum milling solution we have access to test records and reports from the 1940s to the present day. When combined with the latest advances in technology and materials, it is not surprising that our machines remain market leaders."

He added: "We have worked hard to gain an excellent reputation for supplying countries around the world with durable, versatile equipment of the highest standard and we are committed to maintaining this position. Investment in development has a key role to play in us achieving this."

Christy & Norris, which was established in 1858, offers a range of high speed dual rotation swing beater hammer mills with direct drive, including the X380, X660 and X960, ideal for grinding cereals for livestock feed, pet food and aquatic feed; size reduction of wood waste for animal bedding or pelleting and size reduction of biomass materials for power generation. Christy Turner also produces a range of heavy duty pulverizers used for limestone, plasterboard and general recycling.

While Christy Turner's family of respected brands are robust and long-lived, to maintain many decades of reliable service, all milling machines will need spare parts during their years of service. 

Chris cautioned: "While it may be tempting to go for cheaper replacement parts, you need to take a good look at whether false economy is at play, a bit like buying cheap batteries that last a fraction of the time of good quality ones. At a time when every penny counts, our machines are engineered to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, and when our repairs or maintenance services are called upon our goal is to provide solutions which will similarly offer years of trouble free production."

The service life of hammers is an important consideration for businesses, that need to factor in the cost of replacing worn hammers, including parts and labour, plus the time it takes to change them, which leaves busy production machines out of action. Inferior quality hammers can also affect the quality and consistency of output and result in increased energy consumption - which is generally the highest running cost of any business.

As a hammer wears the rounded edge changes the particle distribultion increasing the percentage of fines in the ground product and results in a decrease in efficiency. This is particularly noticable at higher throughputs, where this has been demonstrated to be as much as a 15% increase in power consumption. (see chart below)


Chris added: "The introduction of superior strength Hardox hammers across our range offers operational cost-saving benefits for most customers in the long run."

As well as supplying new and reconditioned machines, Christy Turner has a busy spares and service department, delivering everything from machine maintenance advice, on-site servicing and replacement wear parts such as beaters, screens, rotor parts, bearings and bearing housings.

Chris said: "We take quality of service very seriously, priding ourselves on our comprehensive test and development facilities and our esteemed support and parts provision. While our products are renowned for their reliability, flexibility, and longevity, we nonetheless stock a broad range of spare parts in our large warehousing facility that can be despatched and fitted as fast as you need them to be."

Chris added: "It is important to use genuine parts to guarantee reliability and performance. All Christy Turner replacement parts are guaranteed to be manufactured from the most suitable wear materials and to the correct dimensional specification and all our parts have full material traceability, essential for quality control in any food or feed production."

By maintaining casting patterns for every machine in its current range, Christy Turner can also guarantee compatibility of all genuine OEM parts.

Christy Turner's dedicated team of experienced engineers carry out site visits to determine the best equipment for a client's needs, offering expert advice, follow-up support and a full repairs and maintenance service.

Speaking about the bespoke service, Christy Turner's Technical Manager Matt Bloomfield said: "Fast rotating hammers in a grinder are subject to a combination of sliding wear & impact wear.  We can optimise designs to give best impact angle in the mill for increased wear life."

He added: "Our customers can benefit from discussing applications with us so that we can match optimal material & design.  For example a plant processing highly abrasive material that doesn’t subject hammers to high shock loads could be gaining a vast improvement in wear life over simply using a traditional part. We are also rolling out improvements to wear life of other key consumable mill parts."

In 2012, Christy Turner, celebrated 175 years of supplying high quality robust and reliable Flaking Mills, Hammer Mills, Pulverizers, and associated plant for the human foods, animal feed, biomass, waste recycling, minerals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries around the world.

Combining years of experience with innovative ideas, the latest design tools and sound engineering, Christy Turner still manufacture its machines on site in Ipswich, where E R & F Turner began its journey in 1837. It is certainly true that the company has a long and distinguished collective history: in 1837 the roots of the company were formed when brothers Edward Rush and Frederick Turner began making steam engines from St Peter's Works in Ipswich. The company pioneered machine engine design and in 1851 exhibited to more than six million visitors at the famous Great Exhibition, held at Crystal Palace. Meanwhile, in 1858 the Christy Brothers’ business was established to manufacture a range of pulverizers, grinders and hammer mills. The merging of Frank and Fell, Christy’s Chelmsford stronghold, with another local machine manufacturer in the early 1900’s saw Christy & Norris continue to grow significantly and expand its product range.

Businesses looking for high quality flaking equipment for breakfast cereal and animal feed production, hammer mills with a reputation for  reliability and longevity or excellent spares and servicing can comfortably place their trust in a Great British brand with a rich heritage of the finest UK engineering.

In addition to the machines at Weetabix's Burton Latimer & Corby sites, E R & F Turner Flaking Mills, are also installed at Weetabix sites in Kenya, South Africa & Canada. Over 650 E R & F Turner Flaking Mills are operational across the globe with mills installed across sites in the UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, South America, Middle East, Kenya, South Africa and Canada.

The company's rebrand, to bring a family of leading UK manufacturers under the Christy Turner umbrella, saw the launch of a new, updated web site designed to allow customers, both old and new, to view all the products in its extensive range. 

Chris added; "At Christy Turner, as well as continuing to provide support for our legacy equipment, we are committed to furthering the evolution of our range of machines.  We maintain an ambitious development program, which ensures that our machines remain market leaders in their field and we continue to be the preferred supplier of equipment for many household names."

Christy Turner are currently offering customers the opportunity to trial its new Hardox hammerparts.  Contact Jeff Cook, Parts & Service Manager on 01473 742325 for more details.



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