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Bio Fuels / Wood Reduction

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Finding renewable forms of energy is as vital a requirement of life as food. Due to the growing need in this area, Christy Turner has extended its product range to match modern industry's concerns for the environment. We have adapted our standard machinery to develop a Biomass variant, where the grinding chamber design has been adapted to optimise capacity and efficiency when processing biomass materials.

Our Biomass Grinders are used for the size reduction of various materials used in pellet and briquette manufacture, production of animal bedding grades of sawdust and regrinding wood pellets for co-firing, while also catering for the reduction of other wood and fibre based products, such as waste chipboard and MDF.
Just like all of our other products, our Biomass Grinders boast a long lifespan, minimal maintenance, and cost-effective operation, aided by their strong, heavily engineered construction.

Lower power consumption can be achieved using a two-stage grinding process, so for primary grinding of feedstocks with larger particle sizes, we recommend the Biomass Pulverizer.  The pulverizer body is lined throughout with replacable wear resistant plates. Special profiled beaters and breaker blocks aid capacity and heavy duty, impact resistant bar screens define the size of the output material.

For finer or second stage grinding we recommend the Biomas version of our X Mill or Miracle Mill. Similar adaptions are made to the grinding chamber as on the Pulverizer, but without the wear resistant plates. Lighter duty perforated screens are configured for quick changing, ensuring minimum down time and high operational efficiency by always using screens that have sharp, rather than worn, edges to the perforations.  For the majority of materials reduced using these machines, the use of aspiration on the discharge side of the Biomass Grinder is also recommended in order to reduce airborne dust. This addition also increases throughput capacity, helps prevent the screens from blinding and in some cases reduces the wear within the grinding chamber.

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