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Size Reduction

Bio Fuels / Wood Reduction

bio fuels

Finding renewable forms of energy is as vital a requirement of life as food. Due to the growing need in this area, Christy Turner has extended its product range to match modern industry's concerns for the environment. We have adapted our standard machinery to develop a Biomass variant, where the grinding chamber design has been adapted to optimise capacity and efficiency when processing biomass materials.

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At a time when there is a worldwide drive to reduce our individual carbon footprint and greenhouse gases, recycling is high on everyone’s agenda. Here at Christy Turner, we pride ourselves in the fact that for generations we have been developing strong, durable machinery that will withstand the test of time. We are also experts in the field of producing hi-tech machinery for recycling processes.

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Mineral grinding is often an integral part of any industrial process. Chosing the most suitable grinding mill can be the most costly decision in the process, so ensuring it is capable, robust and reliable is essential.

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Hammer Mills, Pulverizers & Grinders

Sample Grinding – machines for laboratory or small scale production

Christy Lab Mill
Christy Soil Mill

Standard Hammer Mills – solid, hard-working machines for a variety of applications

Christy Briton
Christy Essex Major
Miracle Mill 100 Series
Christy Overhung Disintegrator

Medium Duty Hammer Mill – a slightly heavier duty machine with a hardened top half and option of gravity or suction base

Miracle Mill 300 Series

Heavy Duty Pulverizer

Christy Heavy Duty Pulverizer – cast iron or hardened liners, hardened rotor option, heavy duty wedge bar screen, grinds against screen and breaker blocks

High Capacity Grinder

Christy X Mill – dual rotation, direct drive, narrower particle distribution achieved through top and bottom breaker blocks, wider screen area

Specialist Applications

Christy NPK Pulverizer – a dual rotation pulverizer especially designed without screens for fertilisers and other sticky products

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