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Miracle 300 and 100 Series Hammer Mills

300 Series - A Heavy Duty, Mono Rotation Hammer Mill


Agriculture – Straw, Feed, Grain, Cake, Cotton Seeds, Dried Peelings, Chaff, Barley, Maize, Beans, Wheat, Peat, Guano, Roots, Meat & Bone, Vegetables, Pellets, Oats
Food – Sugar, Spices, Peppers, Soya Beans, Salt, Cereals, Rice, Nutmeg, Ground Nut Cake, Dried Seaweed, Malt
Timber – Wood Shavings, Wood Chip, Offcuts, Wood Flour, Particle Board, Charcoal, Palm Kernel, Chipboard
Other – Brake Linings, Minerals, Oil Seed, Brewing, Linoleum, Animal Bedding


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Christy B Mill

Models LB7, B7, B11 and B14

Highly Versatile Mono Rotation Hammer Mills


LB Mill

Used for processing feed, cereals and other light grinding applications

B Mill 

Grinding of cereals for livestock feed, pet foods and aquatic feed

Cracking oil seeds for pressing

Particle size reduction of a wide range of other friable materials from carbon fibre to ceramics

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Christy & Norris Essex Major

Miracle Mill 300 Series Hammer Mill

A high speed, small scale hammer mill ideal for grinding cereal for animal feed


Free running grain, peas, beans


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Christy & Norris Overhung Disintegrator

A Fixed Beater Mill Used for Fine-Grinding of Spices, Roots, and Colour Pigments


Size Reduction of Aniseed, Casein, Charcoal, Chicory, Cinnamon, Colour Pigments, Derris Root, Ginger, Gum Karava, Gum Tragacanth, Liquorice Root, Manioc Root, Nutmegs, Pepper, Cayenne, Quinine Bark, Resin, Senna Leaves, Shellac, Tapioca Root, Tobacco, Turmeric, Valonis (dried)



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