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Christy & Norris Heavy Duty Pulverizer

Sizes 18x8, 18x12, 24x12, 24x16, 24x24, 30x30, 30x40

A Versatile, High-Capacity Size Reduction Machine



  • Size Reduction of particularly harsh materials including Limestone, Glass, Steel, Swarf, Plasterboard, Shells and Ceramics
  • Reclaiming waste products for reprocessing
  • Wood Hogging and Biomass applications including Rape Seed Meal, Miscanthus, Willow Billets, Straw, Grasses, Palm Kernel and Wood Pellets



The Christy & Norris Heavy Duty Pulverizer is our signature machine in the size reduction range.  An especially rugged, yet refined machine suitable for intense, demanding applications.



  • Heavy duty construction, proven to offer a long working life with minimal maintenance and cost-effective operation
  • Specially hardened, thick section swinging beaters held in place with rigid pins ride heavy shock loads before returning to the grinding position
  • The inner body shell is lined throughout according to the size of machine and duty required. Heavy duty breaker blocks assist in the grinding process by redirecting material into the path of the beaters
  • Material is reduced in size by the shattering blows of the beaters
  • The beaters are secured with rigid transverse pins to the sectional rotor
  • Perforated plate or wedge-bar semi-circular interchangeable screens determine maximum product particle size. These are inserted through the top front doors and slide in grooves cast in the side of the pulverizer
  • A tramp trap incorporated on certain models allows solid items to be thrown out of the grinding chamber. This avoids damage to beaters and screens and prevents contamination of the finished product
  • Extremely tough, resilient machine
  • Three basic models with 18”, 24” and 30” rotor diameters available in a variety of widths
  • Range of motors and drives from 22 to 185kW
  • A range of different beater thicknesses and profiles depending on the product being processed 

Pulverizer line drg


Machine Capacities will depend upon material input size, required fineness, moisture or oil content, system design, and control. Please contact us with your material and project requirements for expert advice on machine selection.

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