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Christy & Norris NPK Pulverizer

A Specially Formulated Size Reduction Machine


  • Reduction of Compound Fertilisers
  • Reducing Compost or other material likely to bind together
  • Reduction of sticky materials such as Dried Clay and Peat



  • A machine specifically designed to cope effectively with materials, such as fertiliser, which becomes sticky when subjected to the temperature rise involved in the grinding process



  • Drive Variation - available in three sizes with drives varying from 30 kW to 45 kW
  • No Screens - given the nature of the materials reduced, the NPK Pulverizer has been developed especially to reduce the particle size of materials that become sticky if subjected to a temperature rise during the grinding process. The NPK is constructed without screens, this design feature improves the durability of the machine and reduces the need for maintenance.
  • Alternative Processing Technique - unlike our other machines, the NPK Pulverizer reduces materials using one high-speed rotor, filled with flails, and one low-speed drum, which rotates in the opposite direction.
  • Direct Drive Configuration - the high-speed rotor is driven by the machine's main rotor via vee belts, while the low-speed drum is driven through a shaft-mounted worm gearbox. It is possible to drive either end of both the high-speed and low-speed shafts so that the two drive motors can be positioned in any of up to eight combinations to suit the site layout

Machine Sizes

NPK No.3

NPK No.4

NPK No.5

Typical Power Requirement -

High Speed Rotor

30 kW

37 kW

45 kW

Typical Power Requirement -

Slow Speed Drum

5 kW

5 kW

7.5 kW



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