Roller Mills

Roller Mills MACHINERY

Roller Mills were first reated by E R & F Turner in the 1830’s for crushing grains and seeds and rolling beans for animal feed. Since then our range of animal feed Roller Mill machinery has expanded, developed and grown extensively.

Roller Mill Pioneers

We were pioneers in specialist Roller mills for producing wheat flour for bread to replace the stone griding of wind and water mills. We were pioneers in developing a Roller mill and sieving system to produce the first white flour plants in the 1880’s.

When it was discovered that cooking grains vastly improved the food value of the feed for the animal. E R & F Turner developed the first steam cooking and rolling plants in the UK.

A Roller Mill becomes a Flaking Mill when it is required to flake grains for human consumption which are much thinner than animal feed. To achieve this the rolls must be pushed together with much greater force. There are also other important elements for the Flaking Mill. Breakfast cereal grains are typically cooked before flaking, in a syrup of malt flavouring with sugar and salt which makes them adhere to the rolls which require specialist scrapers

E R & F Turner were the first to use a computer-controlled system to maintain a consistent roll gap.

Now called Christy Turner Ltd we have supplied many mills around the world and continue to develop mills with the latest innovations and to modern hygiene requirements. Our most recent developments include a 600 Roller mill and a 600 Flaking mill which can include if required our brand new design Steam conditioner.

We have the capabilitied and are willing to modify our roller and flaking mills to meet our customers special and individual requirements. If you require some bespoke functionality, please contact us to discuss the posiblities. 

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