Recently promoted to Managing Director from the existing management team, Ian sits at the head of Christy Turner’s entirely UK manufacturing operation and oversees worldwide operations.

Christy Turner’s Servicing and Spares operation is vital to prolonging the longevity and reliability that our flaking mills, hammer mills, rolling mills and pulverizers are famous for the world over.

Tom can usually be found cheerfully problem solving when he is tasked with a mechanical problem, or a straightforward assembly project. He says his biggest challenge is overcoming problems when things don’t run smoothly.

Bob has been our Production Manager for 2 years and is the lynch pin of the workshop and factory.

Maison joins us fresh from school and will stay with us for 4 years as an apprentice Engineering Technician.

The long course sees Maison go through a variety of skill sets: as part of his course, he will be working with Tom to learn about fitting, Dave, who will teach him preparation work for painting and painting, plus an introduction to refurbishing and servicing roller mills, hammer mills, flaking mills and pulverizers that keep our workshops so busy.

Kieran’s role has evolved to encompass a variety of skills and having the patience of saint sees him execute his myriad tasks with calm efficiency.

Richard joins the Christy Turner family with a spares and purchasing pedigree that goes back for some years. Working with local engineering giants, such as Woods of Colchester, Ransomes and Helios, adding his considerable skill and experience to the Christy Turner Spares and Procurement operation was a natural progression for Richard.

Jeff has been with Christy Turner since 1998, joining from local engineering firm Manganese Bronze and has seen several revisions of the historic company over the years.

Christy Turner prides itself on its apprenticeship scheme. Not only does this show commitment to encouraging and developing new local talent, but the programme also builds key staff members that go on to become a vital part of our team.

Our apprentices can be office or workshop based and are run in conjunction with Suffolk New College.

John Fagetter has joined Christy Turner as our new Fitter.